Darkthrone -Rehearsal Bootleg LP (1991)


01 - Unknown title
02 - Unknown title
03 - A Blaze in the Northern Sky
04 - Unknown title
05 - Pagan Winter
06 - Where cold Winds Blow
07 - Rex


From: Hell Horde

Darkthrone - Live in Finland (1991)

01 - Paragon Belial
02 - A Blaze in the Northern Sky
03 - Life (Unrealesed Song)
04 - Green Cave Float


From:Hell Horde

Darkthrone - Hail the Goat... ...of Mendez ! (1990)

1 - Land of the frost (Demo-version)
2 - Winds of Triton (Demo-version)
3 - Forest of darkness (Demo-version)
4 - Odyssey of freedom (Demo-version)
5 - Day of the dead (Demo-version)
6 - Nor the silent whispers (Taken from a promo 7inch.single)
7 - God of disturbance and fiction (Re-hearsal-version)
8 - Eon/Thulcandra (Demo-version)
9 - Archipelago (Demo-version)
10 - The watchtower (Demo-version)
11 - Accumulation of generalization (Demo-version)
12 - Sempiternal past / Presence view sepulchrality (Demo-version)

From:Hell Horde

Arckanum - Fran Marder

01. Pans lughn, hvila pa tronan min
02. þe alder hærskandhe væsendhe natur
03. Svinna
04. Kununger af þæn diupeste natur
05. Gava fran trulen
06. Fran marder
07. Bærghet
08. Trulmælder
09. Kolin væruld


Black Metal Girls :Back to Hell

De volta com as garotas do Black Metal , agora mais blasfemicas e profanadoras.Agradeço ao pessoal que me ajudou com as fotos para o Blog. Espero que gostem filhos de Satan! HAIL!

Arckanum - Kampen

Kamps Tekn Lyrics
Frana Lyrics
Tronan Yvir Þusand Landskaps Mark Lyrics
Pa Gruvstiigher Vandrum Lyrics
Minir Natz Fyghlir Lyrics
Trulfylket. Raþz Ok Os Lyrics
Þe Hæmpndlystnir Fran Dimban Lyrics
Nær Ok Fiær Lyrics
Skipu Vidit Dunkel Lyrics
Þær Vindanir Dvælies Lyrics
Sangin Kaos Lyrics


Arckanum -Fran Marder (Lyrics)

Iagh ær ßæn høghrest seidkarl
Sum mæß marders styker gangar

Iagh ær ßæn vise
bæn vißskiple demonen
uer herdhogher grafmaßer
Iagh far ßorm til vibskipul

Iagh ær ßæn høghrest seidkarl
Sum fran marder gangar

Iagh tißlost flakka um kring ir marders hærghklæße
Hat a mot lif, frusen, bloßlyste, fylghislaghi, falla til føgha
Sva ren

Sum et trul iagh star mæß min kapa ok min staber
Inne ir min dinpe skogher, iagh sear min hærra Pan
Iagh pa knæ mina sitia, mina hænder iagh nu reser
For min hæren ok min æt, iagh lata mit bleß skapa døber til ße...

Ir ener thøkn af skipnadher iagh flakka
Ir ener drømber af et valdogher myrkr

Ener trnlfærß iagh gangar in ir døßer
Ginom marderl lifets nor
Iagh unfægna ener hemeliker krapter
Norßan, grymber ok kaldr

Iagh ær ßæn høghrest seidkarl
Sum fran marder gangar

Arckanum - Kostogher

Mayhem - Freezing Moon

Everything Here Is So Cold
Everything Here Is So Dark
I Remember It As From A Dream
In The Corner Of This Time

Diabolic Shapes Float By
Out From The Dark
I Remember It Was Here I Died
By Following The Freezing Moon

It's Night Again, Night You Beautiful
I Please My Hunger, On Living Humans
Night Of Hunger Follow It's Call
Follow The Freezing Moon

Darkness Is Growing, Eternity Opens
The Cememtary Lights Up Again
As In Ancient Times
Fallen Souls Die Behind My Steps
By Following The Freezing Moon

Burzum : Erblicket die Töchter des Firmaments

Kråke – Conquering Death (2012)

01. A Murder Of Crows 01:55
02. And A Colder Breed 05:10
03. Hearts Blood 05:06
04. Ed 07:05
05. The Great Leviathan 04:55
06. Beneath Black Waters 04:57
07. Victorious, I 08:14
08. The Gatekeeper 06:29
09. Snowfall 04:25
10. A Ly As Lyset 07:06

Kråke – Conquering Death (2012) [MP3]


Hellsaw : Anunciando pausa por tempo indeterminado nas suas atividades

Os austríacos da Hellsaw recentemente anunciaram a sua intenção de tomar uma pausa por tempo indeterminado nas suas atividades. Todos os shows programados  para 2012 e 2013 foram cancelados por motivos pessoais. A Hellsaw é uma das principais hordas de black metal a surgirem no cenário austríaco, tendo lançado seu quinto álbum, "Trist", no início deste ano pela Napalm Records.

"Nós podemos estar de volta como algo totalmente diferente, mas aconteça o que acontecer, no futuro, gostaria apenas de agradecer a todos os nossos fãs que nos mostraram total apoio e todas as pessoas que trabalharam conosco para fazer a Hellsaw ser o que é hoje. "

Satanic Warmaster - Bloody Ritual

1. ...From The Coffin 01:06 
2. Bloody Ritual 01:39 
3. Ancient Womb Of Evil 00:41 
4. Carpathian Demons 01:36 
5. Cryptic Terror 01:20 
6. The Wrath Of Sathanas 01:35 
7. Nacht Der Vampir 01:08 
8. Book Of Human Skin 00:54 
9. Vlad's Castle 01:08


Satanic Warmaster - Raging Winter

Frozen woods holding within the wisdom
Forbidden spirit of war and our blood
Ancient battles that were fought then
Are now revived to glorify our reign
Agonizing freezing winds
Whip your christian flesh
Our heathen steel will break your bones
And leave you lying dead in the snow
Warlike songs to celebrate the horns
Are sung around our campfire before the dawn
Grant us the strength to fight
To spill the holy blood on the pagan soil
Raise the hammer, ancient gods of war
The lightnings shall strike once more
Break the cross and abolish the lies
Striking them down with steel and your raging winter

Call From The Grave ( Bathory )

God of Heaven, Hear my cries of anguish
I'm in pain
I've suffered a thousand deaths but I live on in vain

Death would greet with eternal sleep
My soul would come to peace
My life had ceased
The time was comed
Can no-one hear my pleas

Lowered down in the moisty ground
Into the dark and cold
My heart's beat the only sound
Pain tears my limbs and soul

I scream for mercy
Hear my cries
Oh, Lord don't abandon me
I'm so tired
Grant me the eternal sleep

I tear at the lid I'm suffering
In a cold and nameless grave
If Hell is what awaits me
I feel no fright

Buried and forgotten
In a cold and nameless grave
If there's a God in heaven
Hear my call from the grave......

[Repeat last two verses]