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Origem: Bergen
País: Noruega
Gêneros: Black metal

Período em atividade: 1990 - presente
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Discografia :

“Suffocate” (1991) [Demo]

1. Suffocate the Masses       
2..Enslaved in Rot     
3.Left on the Stake
[Observação, o álbum é sem título, mas é conhecido como “Suffocate”].

 Immortal (1991)

1. Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism      
2.Unholy Forces of Evil
3.The Cold Winds of Funeral Frost

 Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism (1992)

1. Intro (instrumental)
2.The Call of the Wintermoon
3.Unholy Forces of Evil
4.Cryptic Winterstorms
5.Cold Winds of Funeral Dust
6.Blacker than Darkness
7.A Perfect Vision of the Rising Northland

Pure Holocaust(1993)
1.Unsilent Storms in the North Abyss
2. A Sign for the Norse Hordes to Ride
3.The Sun No Longer Rises
4.Frozen by Icewinds
5.Storming Through Red Clouds and Holocaustwinds
6.Eternal Years on the Path to the Cemetary Gates
7.As the Eternity Opens
8. Pure Holocaust

Battles In The North (1995)
1.Grim and Frostbitten Kingdoms
2.Descent into Eminent Silence
3.Throned by Blackstorms
4. Moonrise Fields of Sorrow
5. Cursed Realms of the Winterdemons
6.At the Stormy Gates of Mist
7. Through the Halls of Eternity
8.Circling Above in Time Before Time
9. Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)

Blizzard Beasts (1997)
1. Intro instrumental
2. Blizzard Beasts
3.Nebular Ravens Winter
4. Suns That Sank Below
6.Mountains of Might
7. Noctambulant
8. Winter of the Ages
9. Frostdemonstorm

At the Heart of Winter (1999)
1.Withstand the Fall of Time
2.  Solarfall
3. Tragedies Blows at Horizon
4.  Where Dark and Light Don't Differ
5. At the Heart of Winter
6.Years of Silent Sorrow

Damned In Black (2000)
2..Wrath from Above
3. Against the Tide (In the Arctic World)
4..My Dimension
5.  The Darkness That Embrace Me
6. In Our Mystic Visions Blest
7. Damned in Black

Sons Of Northern Darkness(2002)
1. One by One
2.  Sons of Northern Darkness
3. Tyrant
4.  Demonium
5.  Within the Dark Mind
6.  In My Kingdom Cold
7.  Antarctica
8.   Beyond the North Waves

All Shall Fall (2009)
1. All Shall Fall
2. The Rise of Darkness
3. Hordes to War
4. Norden on Fire
5. Arctic Swarm
6. Mount North
7.Unearthly Kingdom

<br />Immortal

Angantyr - Endeløs (1998)

Band: Angantyr
Album: Endeløs
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Scandinavian History
Country: Denmark
Year: 1998
Type: Demo
Label: Self-released/independent
Size: 28.3 MB

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The One - Guardians Inhuman (2003)

Band: The One  
Album: Guardians Inhuman
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Anti-Society, Anti-Religion, Self-Destruction
Country: Greece
Year: 2003
Type: Full-length
Label: Total Holocaust Records
Size: 41.27 MB

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Abbath - Immortal

Ogdru Jahad - I (2013)

Band: Ogdru Jahad 
Album: I
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Lyrical Themes: Blasphemy, Mockery of the Holy Trinity
Country: Denmark
Year: 2013
Type: Full-length
Label: Iron Bonehead Productions
Size: 57.37 MB

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Watain - Satans Hunger

The winds of darkness blow again...
Ridden by the mares of night.
They beckon me in dreams and visions.
From far beyond creations light they sing to me...
Wrathful beast of Satan's fire.
They urge me further on my path.
Now soaked in froth and dark desire,
At the threshold of the inverted womb I stand.
Surrounded by darkness...

Vermeth - Suicide or Be Killed!

Band: Vermeth
Album: Suicide or Be Killed!
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Satanism, Occultism, Misanthropy
Country: France
Year: 2008
Type: Full-length
Label: Drakkar Productions
Size: 70.41 MB

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Celticmoon - My Illusion of an Eternal Winter (1996)

Band: Celticmoon
Album: My Illusion of an Eternal Winter 
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Ancient Times, Winter
Country: Germany
Year: 1996
Type: Demo
Label: Self-released/independent
Size: 21.53 MB

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Evil - Depression and Mourning

Band: Evil
Album: Depression and Mourning
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Paganism, Nietzschean, War
Country: Brazil
Year: 2005
Type: Demo
Label: Gates to Valhalla Records
Size: 43.81 MB

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Adoria - Germaniens Stimme (Demo, 2010)

1. Heil Dir, Mein Vaterland 
2. Flüstern Im Wind 
3. Die Zwei Adler 
4. Der Fluch

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Peste Noire - Aryan Supremacy (2001)

Band: Peste Noire
Album: Aryan Supremacy
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Desperation, Ugliness, Nationalism, Poetry
Country: France
Year: 2001
Type: Demo
Label: Self-released/independent
Size: 10.13 MB

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Werewolf Kommando - Rehearsal 1

Genre: NSBM
Country: United Kingdom
Label: self released
Year: 2013
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 8 MB

1. Adolf Hitler - Saviour Of The White Race

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Peste Noire - Ballade cuntre lo Anemi Francor (2009)

Band: Peste Noire
Album: Ballade cuntre lo Anemi Francor 
Genre: Black Metal
Lyrical Themes: Desperation, Ugliness, Nationalism, Poetry
Country: France
Year: 2009
Type: Full-length
Label: De Profundis Éditions
Size: 74.90 MB

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Impious Baptism - Path of the Inverted Trinity (2012)

Band: Impious Baptism 
Album: Path of the Inverted Trinity
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Lyrical Themes: Satanism, Occultism, Darkness, Evil
Country: Australia
Year: 2012
Type: EP
Label: Hells Headbangers Records
Size: 26.96 MB

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Rein - Rein

1. Andrena Vaga
2. Le Sang Des Miens
3. Le Front Des Damnés
4. 732 (Orthanc Cover)
5. Pyrrhus

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Holdaar - Sunset Of Europe

01. Prologue
02. SS Uniform
03. Last Warrior
04. Russian Blood
05. Schutzstaffel
06. The Last Right
07. 1000
08. Sturm
09. Children Of Fire
10. Sunset Of Europe
11. Way To The Sun

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